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Work with Nic

A bespoke package designed to provide you a mind, body and heart transformation. Work 1:1 with Nic and receive a tailored approach to yoga, life and mindset. 

Learn how to reconnect to your body, feel sexy and step into your feminine power with a completely tailored coach to fit your needs and wants. Incorporating dance, yoga, movement and breath work - Nic's tailored package will help you reconnect, take steps forward to being the person you want to be, and emphasise your inner and outer glow. 

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Focusing on the mind, body and heart - working with Nic will help you overcome specific areas of your life through yoga, movement, meditation and breath work. With 1:1 communication at the heart of the service, you'll receive a personalised yoga and meditation strategy to target specific challenges and hurdles, helping you to de-stress and transform your body and mind. Further, you'll receive nutritional guidance to help you feel your best self from the inside out. Working 1:1 with you on your goals, the bespoke yoga transformation package with Nic will have you reaching for new opportunities and seeing life in a new way. 

Bespoke Yoga Service for Individuals


Working with me on a personal level, you'll remain accountable to the elements of your life which have you feeling your best self.  We'll check in once per week and explore how you're feeling, your progress and your personal development. 


An Investment in Yourself

If there is one thing 2022 taught us, it's that self-care matters. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Yoga, meditation and nutrition together lay the groundwork, helping you to de-stress, sleep better, perform better, think clearer and connect better with yourself.


Completely Tailored to You

I know exactly how it feels to follow a random online yoga programme and it not feel aligned with what you need. My unique tailored coaching will ensure the programme is entirely for you.

How does it work?

Ran entirely online - Nic's tailored service can help people from all over the world! Find out what's included and how it works...

Communication: 2 x 30 minute mentoring calls per month, to map out your program and check in.

Accountability: You'll be able to remain accountable via weekly check ins and an 'always-on' communication model via WhatsApp

Balance: Focus on regaining balance in your life with 1 x personalised meditation session per month, designed for specific areas of your life.

1 x Live Personalised Yoga Session per month delivered via Zoom. 

Either 3 x 30 minute yoga practices of 2 x 45 minute yoga practices to use throughout the week. 

Nutrition and Lifestyle handbook to help you make the decisions that lead to you feeling your best self. 


Nic know's how it feels to sign up to an online membership and never really use it, watch a meditation YouTube video and still feel like you haven’t really gained anything from doing it or if you are doing it right or wrong. Nic also know how it feel to take a class that is either way too easy or too hard. 

Plus, a non-personalised approach to yoga does not tackle the areas of your life that you're looking to overcome. While it may bring a moment of peace and distraction, it isn't specifically designed with your life in mind.


Nic's personalised approach will take on board on your good/bad habits, your daily struggles and the exact areas of your body and life you want to improve. This can either be the beginning of your meditation and yoga journey or it can be to work on deepening your practice and self-awareness. 

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