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EARLY BIRD OFFER - Save £200 - Limited spaces

Introducing Nicola's May Retreat
11th - 17th May 2024.

Energise to Elevate
Wellness and Yoga Retreat.

Discover the secret to ELEVATING every aspect of your life, from your career and professional ambitions through to your own self love and personal relationships.

Are you ready to ELEVATE your life? 


Are you ready to experience the TRANSFORMATION you’ve been looking for and make 2024 the year everything changes?
Imagine it's the summer of  2024 and......
  • ​You're advancing in your career and levelling up with a newfound sense of confidence and authority ready to smash your next promotion or next phase of growth in your business. 

  • You have deep meaningful connections in your relationships where you feel safe, confident and able to show up authentically as your true self. 

  • You've finally discovered what true self love means - you've eliminated all of those nagging doubts and self-sabotaging tendencies that often hinder you from chasing your goals and dreams. 



Let’s be honest with each other for a minute……


Life can feel totally overwhelming at times.


We want to level up in so many different part of our life BUT we just don’t know where to start first!


We’re trying to do well in our career, smash our financial goals, build deep connections in our relationships - all whilst trying stay healthy, go to the gym, drink enough water, get enough steps in, take care of our mental health, work on our vision, meditate, practice gratitude and journal!




And I want you to know that you’re not alone.


So let me introduce you to the Energise to Elevate Wellness and Yoga Retreat!

During this 6 night Yoga and Wellness Retreat in the Serene Greek Islands we will dive into ELEVATING all aspects of your life. 

We invite you to Nicola's Energise to Elevate wellness retreat in the Serene Greek Islands. Escape the ordinary in May and embark on a transformative journey with our 6-night retreat designed to help you elevate your life. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our carefully selected location, with breathtaking landscapes and tranquil surroundings. Starting from £1800pp for the 6 nights/7 days, this luxurious yoga retreat includes food and your stay. Find out more details below. 

Elevate your life.

Our carefully curated program offers a unique opportunity to elevate in every area of your life. We will not only energise your health with daily yoga, breathwork, meditation and invigorating ice bath sessions. We will also look at way to elevate your relationships, career and self love. 


Join us for an unforgettable journey that will leave you feeling invigorated, revitalised and empowered.

This is for you if: 

  • You’re ready to ELEVATE your personal development and self care to the next level in a submersive 6 day retreat.

  • You want to escape the grind of day to day life to kick start 2024 with purpose and intention. 

  • You want to take yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences that are going to elevate you into the next chapter of your life.

Are you ready to harness the energy, excitement and motivation that already lies within you? 


Whisk yourself away

The retreat will take place in the beautiful Greek villa,
The Asteri Collection in 2024, located in the breathtaking north eastern corner of Zakynthos, Greece. The villa is a short distance from the local beach and the port of Agios Nikolaos, and the villas display views over the sensational Ionian Sea. We will be hidden on the hillside in private gardens among the olive and cypress trees.

Nutritious Indulgence

All food offered on the retreat will be unprocessed and locally sourced by a local chef who will be with the retreat group for the week.

Each meal is carefully thought and more importantly, it is prepared with the freshest ingredients. We will have two, lovingly handmade and nutritious meals per full day (brunch and dinner), as well as a delicious snack/light lunch, all included in the price.

We cater to all diets. 

Filtered drinking water and hot teas will also be available throughout the greek retreat.

Image by Ella Olsson

Full day schedule

7.30am: Tea  & Coffee ​

8.30-10am: Dynamic yoga flow with Meditation. Ice baths.

10.30am: Breakfast/Brunch 

12pm - 5.30pm:  Mindful hiking/run or walking meditations. Boat trip. Free time to explore the island/ beach time.

5.30-7pm: Afternoon sessions Yin or sound healing.

7.30pm Dinner 

Please note that EVERYTHING is optional. It is your holiday so listen to what your body needs and wants. 


Luxurious Accommodation

 The retreat includes 6 nights of accommodation at The asteri Collection with access to the delightful heated infinity pool, floating sun beds and exquisite views of the Ionian sea and Cephalonia. The villas also boast a generous jacuzzi, perfect for winding down before your evening practice!


We offer a private room rate or sharing room

If you are coming on your own we will partner you up with someone of the same sex. 

How to Book Your Space on Our 6-Night Yoga Retreat



Private room with En Suite





Sharing room with En Suite



Like other well-being retreats, we're offering the ability to share a room at the villa. This offers you the opportunity to either arrange to come with a friend or to connect with new and like-minded individuals and create meaningful new relationships. 

Your space is confirmed via a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount of your booking. For example, if you wish to book a private room for £2600pp, your deposit will be £1300. The remaining 50% will be due by the 1st April, 2024.

If you have further questions, please explore our FAQs or get in touch:
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